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Responsible for implementing the Police Defense System  


Master João Dias Ferreira has a solid career in Kung Fu. He started practicing martial arts in 1979 at the age of seven, and specifically Kung-Fu in 1982 at 9 in the city of Sobradinho, Distrito Federal.

He is one of the main athletes in the history of Brazilian Kung Fu and probably the one that most defended the country abroad was dozens of trips.  In addition to being possibly the only martial arts athlete in Brazil who was sent to international competitions and training, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Palácio do Itamaraty, which issued his passports, at the official service of the Government of the Federal District and the DF Military Police on official Brazilian mission abroad.

Defended and represented Brazil in several world events, such as competitions, seminars, lectures, congresses, courses, demonstrations, commissions, representations and Work's Shopping's (Rome, Hong Kong, Beijing, Macau, Madison, Racine, Milwaukee, Chicago, Orlando, Miami , Austin, New York, Dallas, Baltimore, Atlanta, Columbus, Lima, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Hunt Valley, etc.).

As an athlete, he has more than 40 international medals, more than 200 national medals, among them, 08 medals in the Pan American Games, 03 medals in the South American Games, 05 gold medals in the Madison/WI/USA Open, 11 medals in the Games USKSF - Hunt Valley/Baltimore-USA, gold medal at the United World Kung-Fu/Wushu Championships Orlando, Florida, USA (1997), 06 medals at other US Open Games, gold medal at the UIAMA World Games (2019).

If all this were not enough, he is still six times Brazilian champion, four times champion of the Copa Brasil and 14 medals in the World Games (2000 to 2005) of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Martial Arts - World Festival - Columbus/Ohio-USA, being the first martial athlete in Brazil to participate of the hollywood superstar world mega event.

As leader and founder of the federation of the sport in the Federal District, he achieved more than 800 medals for the DF as head of delegation of the teams from Brasília and of the Brasiliense Kung-Fu team.


   #Martial Education

The martial artist is an excellent teacher and a renowned Master, he trained hundreds of athletes, in addition to dozens of monitors, instructors, teachers and masters. Trained thousands of students over more than 30 years teaching.


   #Consecrated Public Figure

Due to the achievements, the services provided to society and the numerous consecrations, he had his work recognized, conquering  several commendations, awards, highlights and honors, among them the notorious Brasília Medal of Merit, Alvorada Medal of Merit, President Juscelino Kubitschek Medal – JK Medal commemorating the centenary of Juscelino Kubitschek of the International Order of Sciences, Arts, Letters and Culture, CREF/CONFEF Medal endorsed by the Federal Chamber of Deputies of Brazil in a solemn session and granted by the Regional and Federal Councils of Physical Education.

In 1999 he was decorated at the headquarters of the Zhong Yi Kung Fu Association, Madison, Wisconsin-USA with the Honorable Special Black Belt Merit Sifu (Master), by the president and founder of ZYKFA, GM Nelson Phillips Jones Ferreira.

In 1999 he was also named by the American Grandmaster Nelson Phillips Jones as International Captain of the North American Kung Fu team of ZYKFA

He also won the Wushu Olympic Association honorary title, Award and  national tribute of the Brazilian Tennis Confederation, award for best athlete of the  International Wushu Kung-Fu Championship in Brazil by CWKB.

Mestre João Dias was twice awarded and honored by the International Commission of Chinese Generals of the Chinese People's Armed Police Force (Chinese Ministry of Public Security, The Chinese People's Armed Police Force)

He received the Department Of Public Safety award, AIRCRAFT, Texas, USA at the premises of the American police force. Occasion in which he was at the official service of the Government of the Federal District and of the DF Military Police, with a visa requested by the Itamarati Palace, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Throughout its entire trajectory, it has received from the Federal District Military Police several public compliments, honors, special graduations, diplomas, decorations

He was received several times by the PMDF band and entourage of the Brasília Military Police Academy at Brasília's international airport and entitled to scouts and a motorcade.

He also paraded in a truck of the Fire Department of the Federal District after one of his international achievements, a special tribute from the glorious CBMDF corporation.

We count that only in the year 2019, until September (time of this report), Mestre João Dias had already won nearly three dozen important and notorious awards:

There were 15 international awards: *** International Commendation Jacques Levinet for Public Safety (2017 and 2019) *** Merit AJL - IPC - WKMO - JD.PODS (2017 and 2019) *** OIPC - ICPO INTERPOL - 2019, Interpol Tehran - IR OF IRAN - POLICE *** Argentine/UN Air Force Medal in the Peace Mission in Haiti *** Buenos Aires Province Police *** Buenos Aires City Police *** PSA – Airport Security Police Argentina *** La Provincia de Jujuy Police *** El Calafate Police *** Santa Cruz Civil Police Association *** Santa Cruz Provincial Police *** UIAMA World Cup *** Pan American ASIAM/UIAMA * ** Arnis Kali Maharlika *** Historical Book Award – 121st Anniversary Tribute (1884) – November 14, 2005 – El Calafate  (delivered by the author's own family) ***

And 13 national awards: *** Sport Merit 2019 at the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo (ALESP) *** Tribute from COT – Federal Police Tactical Operations Command (during SIAT) *** Tribute from the Brazilian Navy - GRUMEC - COMANF (during SIAT) *** BOPE/PMMT Award - BOPE Medal 30 years of Special Operations *** Homage from the General Command of  PMMT *** CFAP/PMMT *** Brazilian Professional Jiu Jitsu Federation *** Southern Shaolin Association - Fei Hok Phai *** Brazilian Sanda Confederation *** 17th BPM/PMPB *** CFAP/PMPB *** PMAL *** PCAL*** And the schedule for the activities for the last quarter of 2019 is already completely full, with many new awards sure to be won.



   #Membro of Public Security Forces Bras i windrow - PMDF

QPPMC - Combatant Military Police Stations  

International Public Safety Specialist

With a broad and extraordinary curriculum, he went even further into studies, research and extension specifically focused on the subjects of Police, Military and Civil Self Defense and Tactical Police Actions.

He has over 31 years of practical experience as a police instructor in the field of public safety, and has already instructed more than 13,000 police officers. As an instructor at the Brasília Military Police Academy from 1996 to 2002 he taught hundreds of Cadets who are now part of the current staff of the Federal District Military Police.


   #Imortalized its history in public safety

   #The Precursor

In 1989 it officially introduced the use of the Tonfa Cassette in the Brazilian police force, PMDF, and in the early 2000s it regulated the practice of the Retractable Stick in the police.

In 2001, at COT - Federal Police Tactical Operations Command - Ministry of Justice and Security of Brazil, he officially introduced several police matters, such as the use of the Tonfa Operational Cassette,  Police Defense Techniques, Use of Tactical Shield, Actions for Civil Disturbance Control Operations, Immobilization and Tactical Conduct techniques, JD-NOLS - JD Non Lethal System (JD Non-Lethal System).


He trained and prepared all COT/PF operators in the above-mentioned matters, for the great police operation called Operation Estrada do Colono, one of the largest operations of that year by the PF, and which had among its objectives, to interdict the clandestine road that cuts through the Iguaçu National Park in Paraná, thus combating various illegalities, especially environmental crimes.


In the early 2000s, at SENASP - National Secretariat of Public Security - Ministry of Justice and Security of Brazil, he was an instructor, lecturer and one of the national coordinators of Police Defense in seminars and congresses of the commission of studies on the Leveling of Personal Defense for the public security forces.




Ahead of some national and international institutions, they have stood out for their excellent work of very high relevance. He is currently world vice president of the International Police Confederation, which is headquartered in the city of Montpellier/France, as well as being the International Director for Latin America, South America of the IPC (International Police Confederation – Sections Brazil, America from South and Latin America) and also related international entities, AJL Academié Jacques Levinet and WKMO - World Krav Maga Organization for the same Sections.

Creator and founder of JD.PODS -  JD Police Defense System, known for the organization of courses, seminars, training and several other activities in the area of Police, Military and Civil Personal Defense and training in specific Police Tactical Actions for public security forces.

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