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Black VIP





or discounted from:




/per annum

Black VIP Member


  • be a member for at least       01 year at Red Member Level  

  • Have participated in at least one official national event, in person  


  • Be nominated by two Black Members (godfathers), who will be the endorsers

Enabled Categories

  • Institution

  • Grand Master

  • Teacher


  • Advanced Scholars / Researchers / Scientists / Promoters / Specialists

  • Self Defense Specialist


  •   Security Specialist   Public / Military / Police / Civil / Agent

  • Teacher

  • Police Instructor

  • Police Instructor

  • Martial Art Instructor

  • Physical Education Professional

  • high performance athlete

Benefits of being a BLACK VIP

  • Exclusive Subjects and Techniques


  • Indication to compose Special Committees  International and National


  • Natural preference for nomination to the vacancies of Regional, State and International Directors, and nomination after approval in the meeting  

  • Total priority in  National and International Call for the Biggest and Best  world events: Seminars, Congresses, Symposiums, Courses, Meetings, Representation, etc...


  •   International Recognition as a Professional  


  • Minimum discount of 50% and up to 80% on all entries for the most diverse actions  promoted in Brazil or abroad by JD-PODS


  • 50% discount on all equipment  and uniforms


  • Two pages in each issue of bimonthly digital magazines,  JD-PODS  Magazine and the  QAP-QRV Magazine, February 2021 releases



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